Home Dance Floor Etiquette


Lindy is a social dance, therefore nothing is more important than good etiquette on the dance floor. The dance floor is not your personal stage. Everyone shares the same floor, and everyone wants to enjoy themselves.
Here are some useful pointers to help you get the most from your dance floor experience.


If you would like to dance with someone, just ask them. There is no need to say anything more complicated than "May I have a dance with you?" It's traditional for leads to ask the followers to dance, but in this day and age, it is acceptable for followers to ask a lead.

If someone asks you to dance, never say no and then dance with someone else. That's completely unacceptable. However it is OK to say no to a dance if you are tired, and need a rest or a drink. You could say,'I need a breather, but I'd really like to dance with you later if that's ok.' Be kind so the person doesn't feel you are rejecting them.


Be welcoming to new dancers, and ask them to dance. It can be intimidating for an inexperienced dancer out on the floor, and they won't progress unless experienced dancers give them a chance.
Remember, today's beginners will be the good dancers of tomorrow.


If your partner messes up a step, don't make a big thing of it, and do not lecture your partner in the middle of a dance floor. It's not appropriate to give another person pointers during a social dance, unless the person asks for help. Conversely, if you suddenly sprout two left feet, don't panic, and don't feel you need to apologize profusely. Just keep dancing.


Be aware of space. If it's a crowded dance floor, be polite. Make adjustments by keeping your steps smaller and your kicks low. Show boating on a public dance floor is not good form.


If you collide with someone, or get your foot stepped on, don't assign blame. You may not know who is the victim and who is the aggressor. If everybody apologizes, everybody goes home happy.